Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have found a bug in DDSCAT. What should I do?
A: (1) Search forum for possible answers, (2) Send the input parameter file together with results and bug description.

Q: Which FORTRAN90 compiler do you recommend on Windows?
A: (1) One of the best options is actually free but it requires installation of additional software on windows. This is good solution for people already familiar with, say, LINUX. The basic idea is to emulate UNIX under Windows operating system using MinGW/MSYS of Cygwin. There is a free and excellent compiler called G95 (which we are using to develop DDSCAT on LINUX operating system). We recommend to install CYGWIN (which currently comes without fortran95) and add g95. Installation of CYGWIN is very easy but you may have to specify additional programs from the lsit of the available software.

Q: Is it possible to compile and run DDSCAT 6.x on Windows?
A: Yes. We tested compilation with Compaq Visual Fortran and excellent compiler from The Portland Group (PGI FORTRAN). The Compaq FORTRAN compiler has long history and is no longer being sold by Compaq (it was also called Microsoft Visual Fortran and Digital Visual Fortran). However, Intel Visual Fortran compiler, currently supported by Intel is its continuation. Another excellent option is to use G95 under MinGW/MSYS or Cygwin UNIX emulators on Windows.

Q: Can I use FORTRAN77 to compile DDSCAT 7.x?
Beginning with DDSCAT7 we converted the code (at the end of 2007) to FORTRAN90. All the releases prior to version 7 were written in standard FORTRAN77. You can not compile DDSCAT7 and up with FORTRAN77. You can compile older versions of DDSCAT with Fortran77.

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