DDSCAT References


If you publish results obtained with DDSCAT, please cite the following references. We prefer that you reference papers, not the User Guide.

  • Draine, B.T., & Flatau, P.J., "Discrete dipole approximation for scattering calculations", J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 11, 1491-1499 (1994) (We check references to this paper to track the overall DDSCAT use. On occasion we implement code improvements that way!)
  • Draine, B.T., & Flatau, P.J., "Discrete-dipole approximation for periodic targets: theory and tests", J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 25, 2593-2703 (2008).
  • P. J. Flatau and B. T. Draine, "Fast near field calculations in the discrete dipole approximation for regular rectilinear grids," Opt. Express 20, 1247-1252 (2012)

You can also reference

  • Draine B. T., 1988, The discrete dipole approximation and its application to interstellar graphite grains. Astrophysical Journal, 333, 848-872, 1988.
  • Flatau, P.J., and B.T. Draine. Improvements of the Discrete Dipole Approximation method. Optics Letters 1997, 22 , 1205-1207.
  • Flatau, P. J. Fast solvers for one dimensional light scattering in the discrete dipole approximation, Optics Express , 12 , 3149-3155, 2004.
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